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How to Organize the Cables if Santa Brings New Electronics

How to Organize the Cables if Santa Brings New Electronics

If your family is like many others around the country, there’s a good chance new electronic devices will be joining your household on or around Christmas day. These could include a new computer, HDTV, gaming console, streaming video device, or some other hot new digital delight.

Adding the new computing power may be fantastic, but adding new “cord clutter”…not so much. Before you give your new toys permanent homes, take a few moments to approach the project in a way that will make your home as neat and tidy as possible.

Where does this cord go?

One of the first things to do is to get rid of unused devices along with the cables and cords that go with them. Many times the original device will be long gone, but the wiry artifact that used to connect it to something will still be hanging around – literally.

Get rid or these orphan cords and power supplies. Also, if you’re upgrading electronics, twist some arms and dispose of the outdated equipment. You have some great options today: recyclers, Craig’s List and eBay, just to mention a few. Warning: If you sell or give away electronic devices, be certain you aren’t also giving away personal information, including login names and passwords!

Go wireless

Fortunately, wireless networks are playing a bigger role in our personal electronics. If you haven’t yet purchased your new Blu-ray player or other electronic device, make sure it has wireless connectivity. And if you have a legacy sound system you don’t want to part with, there are adapters that will allow you to use some non-Bluetooth gear with your newer Bluetooth devices.

However, while our new electronic devices can communicate with each other through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks, most of them still have to get electricity the old fashioned way – by plugging a “brick” adapter into a wall outlet.


Special organizers

A lot of very clever people have designed a variety of cable and cord organizers. They can be as simple and easy to use as plastic ties or hooks, clips and clamps to hold wires out of the way. Also easy to use are those black plastic tubes (wraps) that are split along the side so you can easily stuff cables inside of them.

If you have a Container Store nearby, you’ll find a good selection of these kinds of devices. If shopping locally isn’t an option, do a web search for “cable organizers” or “cable management” and you’ll find a lot of online retailers.

And if there are rooms in your home that are becoming draped with more charging mobile device cables than your Christmas tree has tinsel, see if there’s a charging station that will accommodate several devices at one time and meet the needs of your family.

We can’t live without our modern electronics today, and fortunately, with a little planning and organizing, when you clean up your house after all the Christmas presents are opened you won’t be left with a growing jungle of trip wires.