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8 Things Most House Cleaners Won't Tell You

8 Things Most House Cleaners Won't Tell You

At Welcome Home Cleaning, we see ourselves as members of your team. If it's a baseball team, maybe you could say that we bat "clean up." But, no matter what your favorite team sport is, we know that you—and everyone in your household—plays an important role in keeping your home looking its best.

With that philosophy in mind, we don't see ourselves in competition with our clients, carefully guarding trade secrets; we see ourselves as working together. So we would like to share a few things that some cleaning services might not bother telling their clients. There's some practical tips, some safety advice and just a little bit of tough love.

- We know that some of you are still hooked on harsh cleansers and bleach. There's an eco-friendly, human-friendly and pet-friendly cleaning product for every situation today. It's time to go green!

- Even clean homes don't seem that way when they are cluttered. Do you need to add storage, or give kids places to put away their toys? If everyone in the household makes a habit of putting things away, your home will seem cleaner...and bigger, to you and your guests.

- Don't mix cleaning solutions. It's very possible to produce a dangerous reaction when mixing solutions.

- Together with your efforts, we work hard to keep your bathrooms clean. However, do your towels, bathmats and shower curtains achieve the same high standard? Tired towels really stand out in a spotless bathroom. If necessary, do a little upgrading.

- Don't fixate on "eye level." Look up and down around your home and make sure each level makes the grade for cleanliness. Hint: baseboards are notorious dust collectors.

- Hit the forgotten spots. You probably wipe up around your kitchen and bathroom sinks very often. Do you do the area behind your sinks and around the faucets? Because of water and soap being splashed around, that area gets very yucky. Wipe it down too.

- Dress for success. A cleaning apron, gloves and even knee pads make cleaning much easier and protect your clothes and your, well, body. When you're properly dressed you'll be more inclined to get to where the dirt is and do a better job.

- If you want to go fast, slow down. Many cleaning solutions take a little while to do their job and when they do their job, it makes your work easier. Plan your cleaning routine so solutions have time to loosen dirt. Cleaning will go more quickly and produce better results.

We hope these insider secrets help you enjoy your home even more than you do now. Look for more secrets in coming articles.