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4 Quick Ways to Maximize Your Closet Space

4 Quick Ways to Maximize Your Closet Space

A cramped and crowded closet can feel overwhelming. From old tired t-shirts to dated dresses, purging a closet of long forgotten clothing can be a monumental task. But if you’ve got the desire to sort and restructure your packed closet into an organized oasis, here are four nifty ways to take that closet from stuffed to simplified:

Floor to Door

Hanging items off a closet door can be an efficient way to keep shoes and accessories from piling up. A pocket door organizer or rack can help create ample shoe and accessory storage. We like this 36 pair shoe rack perfect for keeping footwear visually stored and sorted.

Hanging Out

If you’ve recently had our maid service stop by or you’re looking to hire a cleaning service, taking items off the floor will make your home appear neater and keep the clutter from taking over. Hanging shelves are like a portable dresser and offer tons of room for sweaters, jeans, pants and even socks. Hire our professional cleaning team, Welcome Home Cleaning Services in Austin to help you tackle your cleaning woes and ultimately, help you achieve a cleaner and more organized closet and home.

Bed Shed

Keep larger bulkier items like sweatpants or hoodies or even seasonal clothing stored under the bed to maximize closet space. Designed to slide easily under the bed without being a struggle to squash, this under the bed organizer is a great solution for a messy closet.

Double Up

One of the most efficient ways to double up on closet space is to buy a Closet Doubler rod. An ingenious device for storing twice as many pieces of clothing, this rod can fit in most standard closets and provides a wealth of new organization opportunities.