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All the answers to all your questions

Yes! Welcome Home Cleaning Services is insured and bonded.
We have an extensive training program that allows us to avoid contract labor. Every employee is thoroughly trained as well as screened for any criminal history.
A team of two or three employees will be cleaning your home. While we will try to send the same crew to your home at every visit, please be aware that we cannot guarantee this as unforseen circumstances such as days off or illnesses may mean that we switch the team assigned to your home.
Yes we do and are thrilled when we receive them! Our teams always strive to do their best and therefore tips are highly appreciated but never expected. Cash gratuities should be given directly to the cleaning staff at the time of your visit and each employee will be responsible for reporting their tips as directed by law. However, if a tip or end of year bonus is left on a check, it will be pooled into a general employee bonus fund to be divided equitably among all staff members, not necessarily to the crew that cleaned your home last.

Not the tipping type? No worries! Another way that you can say "Thanks, great job!" and still reward them financially for a job well done is to mention a staff member's name specifically when leaving an online review, calling into the office, sending an email to our office, or replying to an in house request for feedback.
Although we do not anticipate any problems with your cleaning, (we think you will be thrilled!) we are humans and goof once in a while. If that happens, DO NOT WORRY! Every cleaning has a 100% satisfaction guarantee so we will get you taken care of. If you are not 100% satisfied, let us know within 24 hours and a manager will return to your home and personally address the problem. However, please remember that we do not guarantee cleanings where our supplies are not used.
We accept credit cards, checks and cash. We accept all major credit cards. Please make checks payable to: Welcome Home Cleaning Services. We ask that you put your payment in a sealed envelope to ensure your security and privacy. Please let us know if you would like for us to provide you with envelopes! Our maids will get those out to you on the day of your cleaning.
No. Welcome Home does not use contracts. However, once you begin services or hire us for a one time clean, you will be given a Service Agreement. This Service Agreement outlines our verbal or written agreement on the work to be performed. Once you receive this agreement, which will be e-mailed to you, you will need to reply back that you accept this agreement and that the information covered is correct. You are not officially on the schedule until we hear back from you! This process ensures that there is no miscommunication and both parties are "on the same page". The Service Agreement will also include a little more information on what you can expect from your cleaning.
Of course it is and in fact, we highly encourage you to do so. We believe that good communication is crucial to maintaining a good business relationship. We welcome all feedback about maid services and if there is anything we can do to help you, please let us know.
It is a privilege for us to be able to come into your home to perform our service. Therefore, it is entirely up to you if you are there while we clean or issue us a key. If you should choose to issue us a key be assured that we take every measure to protect your key. Your key will never be labeled in any identifiable way.
Yes, if the cleaning crew arrives to your home and we are not able to clean for any reason, you will be charged a lock out/turn away fee of 100% of the cleaning fee to pay for their gas, mileage, time they took to get to your home and the lost revenue due to the impossibility of finding a replacement job.
We are here for you, not the other way around, right?! Therefore, if you need to cancel, reschedule, or skip a cleaning, no worries...just call! We`re typically super flexible and will gladly work around your schedule.

Rescheduled cleanings will not incur a fee as long as we know before hand and do not arrive to your home only to be locked out or turned away(see lock out or a turn away fee above). Cleanings must be canceled/rescheduled before 12 PM the prior business day.

Recurring clients with a gap of more than 6 weeks since their last cleaning will be required to pay the first time clean fee in order to bring the home back up to maintenance level.
No, we use our own supplies and equipment. Our cleaning professionals are thoroughly trained in the use of our supplies to insure your house is left absolutely clean. Please note that we cannot guarantee your clean if you request that we use your supplies. Due to insurance exclusions on our policy, we cannot honor requests to use your vacuum. However, we have a supply manager who thoroughly cleans and sanitizes vacuums every evening. Bags are changed at least once a day to ensure that dust and or fleas are not being transfered from home to home. If you do require special products/equipment to be used in your home, please give us a call and we will happily refer you to other industry professionals in your area who may accommodate your request.
Yes, we will move furniture under 10 pounds.  Due to insurance exclusions on our policy, and lack of Worker's Compensation Insurance, we cannot honor requests to move furniture or appliances over 10 pounds. If you would like for us to clean behind these items, you could move the item, we'll clean behind/underneath, and you could move it back.
As a professional cleaning company, we have gone to great lengths to protect you, our client, from the hassles that can go along with using a cleaning or maid service. We have done this by being insured and bonded, doing extensive research on products, and filing all applicable state and local taxes. Taking these important steps is our way of making sure that your home is protected from surface damage and you are protected from the IRS.

Speaking of the IRS, did you know that if a cleaning service is not properly reporting taxes the IRS can come after you, the homeowner? Yikes!! We report and pay all of our taxes and in the end that benefits you.

Finally, we do a great job which means that it costs our company a little more to achieve desired results. Because of this, our overhead will be naturally higher. (Think in terms of cheesecake, my favorite food. Yes, you can get one at my local fast food drive through or at a good, high end restaurant. Yep, one is so much cheaper and edible but get real--which is the obvious better choice?!)

And finally, by charging a little more, we get to pay our employees a good, sustainable wage. Happy employees means happy clients and overall lower turn around. This means a better service for you in the long run.

So, be sure and protect yourself and your home by making sure that the cleaning service you use has taken these precautions. In the end, it will be well worth it even if it means paying a little extra!