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Cleaning: The Secret to Good Health

Cleaning: The Secret to Good Health

Articles on the health benefits of exercising regularly and improving your diet are everywhere you look – and that’s fine. But cleaning and properly maintaining your home are also good for you and they pay dividends far beyond merely improving your health:

- You get to enjoy a nicer home,

- You’re more likely to entertain, and

- You teach your children good habits and life skills.

We won’t dig any more deeply into those three points – they’re pretty self explanatory – but we will look at the health benefits that come with cleaning, both physical and psychological.

Declutter and de-stress your life

Studies show that when we’re surrounded by clutter at home or at work, our stress levels go up, so one of the first things you need to do is wage war against clutter at home. Don’t take any prisoners. If yours is a home that has gradually filled itself with clutter over the years, have a blow-out yard sale and call in a truck from Goodwill to haul away what’s left at the end of the day.

Don’t let the laundry or other tasks pile up. They become monuments that constantly remind you of your procrastination and that pushes up your blood pressure. By the way, they also become monuments that can cause you to trip and hurt yourself. Believe us, it happens.

Cleaning is exercise

Speaking of blood pressure, one of the best ways to lower it is through exercise. Cleaning is a legitimate exercise. Check out all the calories burned by various cleaning chores on this table posted by CalorieLab.

Don’t feel guilty skipping your trip to the gym if you spend the time cleaning your home. You’ll get as much exercise plus you’ll have a clean home when you’re done. That’s better than coming home from the gym and having to face a cluttered, unclean home, isn’t it?

As a corollary to this, a study found that people with the cleanest homes were also the most active and healthiest. Living in less clean homes caused people to be less physically active, the researchers concluded.

A clean home reduces allergies

Many of the common indoor allergens are greatly reduced if you’re doing a good job keeping your house clean. Dust mites, pet dander, various molds and insect droppings are all triggers for allergy attacks and asthma.

Don’t blame all of your family’s allergy problems on grass, weeds and pollen. A lot of the culprits live indoors with you all year long and they can get even worse when your home is closed up tight.

Tip: Make sure regular replacement of heating and cooling filters is part of your routine.

Going back to the study cited above: If you have a runny nose, asthma or get hit by sneezing fits, you’re also less inclined to exercise, right?

Cleanliness keeps the germ count down

All kinds of germs and mold can make us sick or feel poorly. These kinds of hazards grow over time. If you maintain your home’s cleanliness, you prevent them from taking root.

Of course, when cold and flu season comes around, it’s always a good idea to every family member keenly aware of the importance of personal cleanliness.

Cleaning empowers you

A lot of poor attitudes are caused by people feeling that they are victims. The act of cleaning is empowering. You are taking control of your environment; it’s not controlling you. That can be very uplifting and give you energy and motivation to achieve other goals in your life.

Heck, if you can keep a house full of kids neat and uncluttered, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish in life!