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The Science of Cleaning Products

In an effort to offer you the best and safest service possible, we at Welcome Home Cleaning carefully research the chemicals and cleaners that are available to us. As a result of this research, we are able to confidently select the right solution for cleaning any situation or surface.

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The products we select do the best job possible while protecting your family, your pets, and your property (see our last post wherein we talk about drinkable cleaning products!).  Knowing which product is the best fit for each task saves our customers money and time.  We work harder, and smarter!

Here is a scary example of negligent chemical use: Some companies use acid-based products when cleaning stone even though acid can burn and etch stone.  We are unyielding in our drive to cut no corners at the expense of our clients or their property. We know that making informed decisions about chemical safety is imperative in achieving high customer satisfaction.

When it comes time to consider what cleaning company to invite into your home, to not only touch and manipulate but also chemically treat your property, please consider what is best for you, your household, and for the environment. If your house can be cleaned correctly, efficiently, and affordably - all while family, property, and environment are being cared for – why would you settle for anything less? At Welcome Home Cleaning we do exactly that: we offer you the best, safest, and most responsible cleaning for your well-earned dollar. We can because we care.


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