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5 Warning Signs You Could Have a Hoarding Problem

5 Warning Signs You Could Have a Hoarding Problem

If you’re the type of person who stores and saves every tiny thing, you could have a problem with hoarding. And if your living space is suffering from an overabundance of old and unused items, it might be time to chuck or donate your piles of keepsakes. Here are five signs you could be heading to hoarder territory:

1.) Coupons, Papers and Clippings

If you hang on to old or expired items because you might need them “someday,” but they have no use or value, it could signal a hoarding problem.

2.) Sentimental Soda Can

While it can be perfectly understandable to have an attachment to an old child’s blanket or a trinket from your honeymoon in Fiji, it’s not normal to feel an affection for an old yogurt lid or empty toilet paper rolls.

3.) Missed Outings

If you’ve grown so obsessed with organizing and puttering with your old items that you’ve developed a relationship with your stuff, and this has caused you to miss appointments or social outings, it might be time to rethink your inclination to store everything.

4.) Toothpick Taker

If you visit other people’s houses or go on trips and take home used napkins or empty ketchup bottles, it might be time to evaluate your clutter bug tendencies.

5.) Clutter Castle

If your home is becoming impossible to navigate due to piles of clothes, boxes, papers and collectibles, it may be time to see a professional for help.

There are many online support groups that can help you face a hoarding issue and many professional counselors can offer support. Try Hoarding Cleanup for an online support group or find a support group in your area. Give us a call for a deep clean of your house at: Welcome Home Cleaning Services at: 512-931-2095.