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FAQ - Free Home Improvement Program

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This program is geared towards anyone who is looking to sell their home and whose home’s value would be significantly increased with some TLC.
We will run the numbers and see if the results make sense for both parties.
You and Welcome Home Services (WHS) will agree to the following:

  • We will inspect your home to determine any necessary repairs
  • We will agree to a “cash, as-is” price for your home
  • Enter into a Joint Venture agreement where you agree to allow WHS to remodel, market and sell your home.
  • When the home sells we will split the proceeds (sales price minus all closing costs) in the following order

  1. 1. You get the Cash/As-is price
  2. 2. WHS receives all rehab costs
  3. 3. WHS receives all costs associated with marketing and selling the home
  4. 4. In some cases, WHS may request Preferred Profit (a fixed amount regardless of sales price). Preferred Profit is generally only requested if we believe there is considerable risk in the after-repair price.
  5. 5. You and WHS split all remaining proceeds
It is approximately equal to 70% of the After-Repair Value minus any anticipated rehab costs.
We will asses the community and bring the house up to the community standards.
Not all neighborhoods are equal. In some neighborhoods all the houses have Hardwood floors while in others most have vinyl plank. Some neighborhoods have significantly upgraded kitchens and bathrooms, while other communities do not.
Yes, you can make all the repairs yourself. However, if you are not careful you will sink a lot of money into repairs that are either not necessary or will not add any value to the house. We have a team of professionals waiting to serve us. We only deal with high performing real estate agents and superb contractors whom we routinely work with.
The program is free in the sense that you pay no costs or fees associated with the rehab of your home.
This is really a “Case by Case” determination depending on the scope of the rehab.
All you really need to do is allow us to do what we need to do. It is essentially the same as if you are selling your home in traditional manners.
You can sell your home without us doing the repairs, but it will sell for less. We are going to repair the house in a way to maximize the resale value. If all goes according to plan, you will receive more at closing than you would have if you did not rehab the home and sold it.
We make money by splitting the profits after the house is repaired and sold
Selling to OpenDoor or other cash buyers an extremely viable option. However, you will give up significant equity. OpenDoor is very selective and will significantly reduce the price if there is any market risk. Cash buyers will only offer the previously mentioned “cash/as-is” price.
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