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Can you get a great cleaner for a dollar?

Can you get a great cleaner for a dollar?

When the economy got rough, a certain kind of retailer did pretty well and there's one way to describe this group of stores: Any store with the word "dollar" in its name.

You know the various retail chains we're talking about. Sometimes when you need a household item "right now," they can be the only store that's nearby and open for business!

They usually have their shelves stocked with a lot of cleaning supplies. Should you use them? Are they effective? Are they safe for you, your children, your pets, your expensive surfaces, or the environment? Let's look at those questions.

dollar store

Environmental safety

First, you'll notice that few—if any—of the cleaners featured on the shelves of "dollar" stores boast of being "Eco-friendly" or "green." Formulating an effective cleaner that is also kind to the environment takes some research and requires more expensive materials for their formulation.

These requirements make it virtually impossible to produce and market an environmentally sound cleaning product and sell it for just one dollar. Environmentally friendly cleaning materials cost more and thankfully as a society we're willing to pay a small premium to leave our planet healthy for the next generation.

Overall effectiveness

When you cruise the cleaning aisles of your local dollar store, you'll find some name brands that you are familiar with as well as some "off" brands or "generic" brands. When nationally recognized brands are being sold for $1, you can be sure that the packaging has been downsized, so you really need to see if you're getting a "deal" or not.

With the brands you don't recognize, there's a very good chance that the cleaning solution has been diluted. Read the label carefully and see how much of the product is recommended for a single application or usage.

They usually end up making you work harder!

tired cleaner

Health and safety issues

As we said in our discussion of environmental safety, it's less expensive to formulate cleaners by using harsh commercial chemicals than it is with safe Eco-friendly materials. This means that they also tend to be harder on humans.

The important tip here is to always read labels and follow all the instructions. When protective gear such as gloves and safety glasses are recommended, use them! Also, when you're reading labels look for special indications for children and pregnant women.

Always download the MSDS sheet to look for PH levels to be sure they will etch or scratch your surfaces in your home.

Often less expensive cleaners have strong fumes and odors. These occasionally cause sneezing and breathing problems for sensitive individuals. They can trigger allergic reactions and contribute to asthma attacks. Also, some commercial cleaners contain materials linked to cancer.

While you may find some good deals on well-known brands when you shop your local "dollar" store, be an informed consumer and remember the old adage: You get what you pay for.

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